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Sibername hosts They're affordable, provide loads of extras, and are very quick to respond to queries and troubleshoot problems!
Medals of the World - By Megan Robertson, a very comprehensive listing of medals internationally.
Cintas de Condecoraciones -- By Antonio Preito Barrio, probably the most comprehensive international ribbon site on the web.
Ribbon Review - By Eric Bush, another very well done ribbon website.
World Medals - By Roy Wolley, an excellent medals reference, as well as a UK dealer.
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SATISFACTION HEARING SYSTEMS Ltd - Saskatoon Saskatchewan's finest hearing aid clinic - see Gerard for all of your hearing aid needs! 5 year warranty offerred on all OTICON brand hearing aids.
Canadian Police Exemplary Service Pins - By Mark PittPayne, these are hard, enamel pins for wear on your Police Uniform. A great product! longservicemedal